About This Lesson

Compound or functional movements are movements that we use every single day of our lives, whether standing up from a chair or bending down to pick something up off the floor. These are natural movements that your body was designed to do. However, even the simplest act of lifting a child above your head can cause pain or injury if a number of elements are not aligned. Our unique Functional FITstrong Classes can only be found at FITstrong gym and focus on all these natural everyday movements. These actions incorporate a whole host of muscles working simultaneously to achieve the end goal.

These well planned classes are strategically carried out to effectively build functional strength, endurance and flexibility in all the major muscle groups. Correct technique and safe lifting is prized above all else and only once this is achieved is the workout pushed to another level of intensity. Our Functional FITstrong Classes are fun and always different as we make use of a wide range of equipment.


Monday 16:30PM - 17:30PM
17:30PM - 18:30PM
Tuesday 07:00AM - 08:00AM
17:00PM - 18:00PM
18:00PM - 19:00PM
19:00PM - 20:00PM
Thursday 07:00AM - 08:00AM
06:30AM - 07:30AM
17:30PM - 18:30PM
19:00PM - 20:00PM
Friday 06:30AM - 07:30AM