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What’s so important about core strength?

You’ve probably heard the term “core strength” being thrown around in conversation but do you really know the importance of it? More than toned abs, your core refers to the muscles around your pelvis, abdominal wall, hips, lower back and diaphragm. Strengthening these muscles can help improve your power, strength and so much more. Here are some reasons you should spend some time strengthening your core.

Prevent injuries

Your core plays a crucial role in supporting your girdle area. Having weak core muscles around this area means that the surrounding muscles need to work harder to keep your spine straight which can often lead to lower back pain. By strengthening these muscles, your core will naturally hold your spine in its proper position without putting strain on the surrounding muscles.

Improved balance

This one almost goes without saying. A strong core = better balance and stability. And better balance and stability is extremely important as you begin to age. It’s also pretty useful when trying your hand at slacklining or surfing.

Improved posture

While most people pull back their shoulders when trying to stand up straight, a good posture has more to do with your core than anything else. And while pushing your chest out might work for a few minutes, a strong core will automatically result in a better posture, always.  

Take on daily tasks with ease

Whether you’re sweeping the floor, picking up your children or carrying groceries up the stairs, your core is involved in every activity. The stronger your core, the less energy and effort you’ll need to put into simple movements, making those simple daily tasks seem seamless. Plus, you’ll have more energy to tackle a class at FITstrong! It’s a win-win, really!

According to Paul Lagerwey, owner at FITstrong gym, a strong core is essential to improved overall fitness. “When it comes to lifting weights, particularly Olympic Lifts, it is usually the strength of your core (with sound technique) that will give you stability under the bar.”

If you’re keen to get working on your core muscles in your spare time, here are some simple exercise perfect for a home workout:

  1. Crunches 
  2. Hanging leg raises
  3. Bicycle crunches
  4. Plank
  5. Mountain climbers

For more information about core strengthening or if you’re keen to get your core up to scratch with the help of a personal trainer. Come check us out or email us at


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