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Known to some as cannonballs with handles, kettlebells are typically cast iron weights that offer a dynamic form of exercise, targeting almost every aspect of fitness. Quite aptly, these cannonballs target strength, balance, agility, cardio and offer a range of exercises that leave you feeling the burn after just a few swings. Just one simple swing of a kettlebell requires your entire body to stabilize and engage; there’s no wonder these cast iron balls are benefitting to almost all functional exercise routines. Some of the other benefits include:

  • It develops muscle, endurance, coordination and balance which means that it is the perfect type of training to use when working towards sporting and fitness goals.
  • It’s low-risk. Kettlebell training is both functional and weight bearing which means that when it is used with proper form, there is very little chance of injury. This makes it the ideal workout for anyone from full-time athletes to novice gym members.
  • It increases your range of motion. When used effectively, kettlebell training can help loosen up the  body by encouraging movement across various planes. The larger movement such as swings and Turkish-get-ups are especially helpful in this regard, they can even improve your posture and flexibility.
  • It is the perfect combination of strength and cardio which means it is great for fat loss. Using a kettlebell correctly means multiple muscles work together in compound movements. The more muscles that work together, the more calories burned.
  • It’s simple. Kettlebells are small, compact pieces of equipment that don’t require a huge amount of space to be used. It’s one piece of equipment, loaded with potential and variety.

“Kettlebell work plays a big part in our classes at FITstrong. However, we do believe that to receive the most well-rounded workout, kettlebells should be used in conjunction with other functional movements. We will often combine the endurance aspect of a kettlebell routine with more explosive movements like broad jumps or box jumps. Mixed in with a few sprints and you have a powerful workout that will really challenge you. Balance is key”. says Trevor Lagerwey, owner of FITstrong Gym.

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