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As a semi-pro athlete in the mid 90’s, I was always into health & fitness. I worked as a personal trainer for 5 years to support my career as an aspiring athlete and started coaching sprinters after I hung up my shoes. As I got older, I found it progressively more difficult to maintain the fitness levels and healthy lifestyle that I was used to. Not having actual goals to work and prepare for also made it more difficult to find the motivation to carry on. So, I started playing competitive cricket and touch rugby again after almost 20 years.
That was fun, but it doesn’t require the commitment and focus of individual sports. Then, I tried trail running and mountain biking – two sports completely new to me and I sucked at it. Never one for endurance sports, it lacks the adrenaline rush that fuels my competitiveness. I enjoy trail running and mountain biking though, but only as active recovery or spending a fun day out in the mountains with friends.

That brings me to obstacle course racing. After doing my first Warrior and & Impi Challenges, I found a sport again that ticked all the boxes, but realized that I would have to do event specific training if I want to be competitive at it. After asking around and searching online for training facilities that cater for Obstacle Course Training (OCR), I ended up on the doorstep of FITstrong. It was the best decision I have made in my life in a very long time. The intensity of the workouts demanded a change in lifestyle. I started making small changes to my diet, which had big effects. I bought a book by Christmas Abbott (international Crossfit star & fitness expert), The Badass Body Diet. It basically prescribes a high protein, low carb diet and cuts out things like processed sugar and reduced salt intake. The results are amazing, I feel amazing and the fittest I have been in almost 20 years.

FITstrong helped me turn my lifestyle around and gave me new outlook on living healthy, while achieving my personal fitness goals. Trevor, Paul & Jo-Mare are not only the best trainers in the industry, they also offer emotional support and motivation when needed. My training partners are like family and FITstrong have become a home away from home for many of us. We sweat together. We achieve together.
Christiaan Engelbrecht

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