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The Benefits of Having Strong Glutes

Your glutes are the largest and by far the most important group of muscles in your body. And no, that isn’t because strong glutes look great, it’s because they consist of three muscles that work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip making them vital to everyday movements. By strengthening these muscles (the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus) your posture, athletic performance and overall strength will improve drastically.  Here are some advantages of having strong glutes.

Better posture

With so many of us having to spend the majority of our days glued to a chair, we are in danger of contracting the “sitting disease”. And yes, it really is a disease because too much sitting can actually lead to organ damage, muscle degradation, and damaged backs. By strengthening your glute muscles, your spine will have more support and your pelvis will automatically begin to stabilize. Both of which are essential to improved posture.

Improved athletic performance

This may sound surprising to some of you but your rear-end is capable of generating an incredible amount of power. Strengthening your gluteus maximus can lead to improved speed, acceleration and explosive power. It’s simple, athletes with strong glutes are stronger and faster than those with weak glutes.

Reduced chance of injury

Not only are strong glutes essential to top-class athletic performance but they also play a vital role in reducing your chance of injury. Having strong glute muscles can prevent serious injuries to your knees, lower back and hamstrings, all of which are essential to simple daily activities. Weak glute muscles can also cause poor lower back alignment which can lead to some serious injuries including sprains and tears in your back muscles.

If you’re keen to get working on those glutes at home, here are some simple exercises proven to help get those glutes fired up!

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Quadruped hip extensions
  • Single leg bridge
  • Walking sideways with a resistance band around your ankles

For more information about the importance on having stronger glutes, come chat to us at FITstrong gym. We’ll even give you the chance to join one of our classes aimed at strengthening and toning your entire body.

    • Bernita McClure
    • October 3, 2018

    FABULOUS ARTICLE. My AMAZING Physical Therapist has me doing glute strengthening exercises. NOW I know why. My guess r over firing so I have to learn to engage my flutes! It’s tough but I can do it!

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