A dynamic, diverse, outdoor indoor way of life.

Getting up at the crack of dawn or racing back from work to hit the gym along with hundreds of other gym members can be quite a work out in itself. And what’s worse, once you’ve finally thought of a routine for the day, you find someone else has exactly the same idea as you. Now you’re left contemplating which machine to use next, or even how to use the machine. At FITstrong we strive to eliminate all the hassles of conventional gyms and instead focus on creating a clean, spacious and active atmosphere and lifestyle. Our training is fun, it’s functional, it’s fresh and it will always leave you feeling excited about your next work-out.

Outdoor FITstrong Obstacle Course

FITstrong’s outdoor obstacle course defies convention by combining monkey bars, skipping ropes, tyres, prowlers, barbells, battling ropes, kettle bells, balance beams, pull ups, dumbbells, climbing ropes, a daunting 5m high climbing wall and a cargo net into one seamless workout. Ever wanted to try your hand at the Impi Challenge or the Jeep Warrior Race? then there is not better place to prepare yourself than on FITstrong's obstacle course.

Obstacle classes